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Why to book with us!

We specialize in tailor made adventure holidays for families and small and medium sized groups, that focus on the exploration of the underwater world, both for divers and non-divers, in combination with island excursions.

Our expertise is the result of 10 years of sailing, diving, snorkeling and trekking in the Indonesian archipelago. We know how to help you find the perfect destination for your dream vacation and organize a customized safari program.

All pictures taken on our trips.


About us

Pelagictour is run by seasoned diving professionals who have worked for many years in the dive industry world-wide

and are now providing diving and snorkeling cruises all over Indonesia. Highly qualified Pelagictour staff accompany all our safaris and we work closely with our live aboards and their staff to provide an exceptional diving, snorkeling and sightseeing tour experience.

Alexander Gil

Read more: Alexander Gil Alexander Gil
Born in Germany 1966
Fluent in German, French, English and Spanish.

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Read more: DarminDarmin
Born 1989 in Flores, Indonesia
Fluent in Indonesian and English

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Read more: BastianBastian was born 1963 in Flores, Indonesia.
He speaks Indonesian and English. Bastian has worked for over ten years as a Dive Master in Komodo and Papua on a range of  live a-boards..

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