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Why to book with us!

We specialize in tailor made adventure holidays for families and small and medium sized groups, that focus on the exploration of the underwater world, both for divers and non-divers, in combination with island excursions.

Our expertise is the result of 10 years of sailing, diving, snorkeling and trekking in the Indonesian archipelago. We know how to help you find the perfect destination for your dream vacation and organize a customized safari program.

All pictures taken on our trips.


Why charter a luxury private yacht in Indonesia



Chartering a luxurious yacht in Indonesia becomes more and more popular with every season and rightly so. Where else can you find stunning natural coastal beauty, cultural treasures and natural friendliness of the native population?

On a conventional cruise everyone has to follow the same program. Our experience has taught us that it is difficult to mix divers and snorkelers because the dive sites are suitable for snorkeling under completely different tide conditions than they are for diving. Fun divers and photographers also dive different dives sites under different conditions.

On a conventional cruise the crew will be too occupied with scheduled activities to take care of the children.

Surprisingly Charter a private boat is not necessarily more expensive than booking a regular scheduled cruise, but you'll have the yacht to yourselves and nobody will be short changed.
Where you go and what to do is up to you.

If you fall in love with a particular spot, you may decide to stay a little longer and you will retain the flexibility to spend your time as you please.

No fixed cruise dates or itineraries means you can start and finish your yacht charter vacation when and where it's most convenient for you.

There are many smaller vessels in Indonesia that can accommodate a family or group very comfortably but that do not have fixed schedules and that are available for charter at a price that offers excellent value for money.

You stop being a tourist and become a guest. Pelagictour will research your areas of interest and make suggestions that will ensure you have the most satisfying holiday possible

For any occasion, family inclusive vacations, romantic honeymoon cruises, or scuba diving from your own yacht you'll find a crewed charter yacht to be a great alternative.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.